Ik Leef Leven

Torn between two worlds, Jim feels homeless. He feels alienated from the world and himself. He struggles with addiction and existential questions. But inside him is a deep desire to break free from this destructive spiral.


Through poetic imagery and intimate personal recordings, we witness Jim’s transformative journey. He begins to forge a new relationship with himself and the world around him, transcending the limitations of his past and embracing a broader horizon of possibilities.




From January 2024, the film will tour the Netherlands. Besides watching the film, we will facilitate a workshop led by Jillroy.



This workshop focuses on the themes of addiction and self-actualisation. Addiction is often seen as a downward spiral that pulls people deeper and deeper into trouble. We believe that creating an upward spiral starts with openness and honesty towards yourself, as we see in Jillroy’s poem. In this workshop, we want people to experience how self-expression through creative outlets such as poetry, film and music can serve as a powerful tool to break negative spirals. We also want to create a space where personal experiences can be shared so that we can learn from and support each other.