The pressing challenges of our time, often referred to as wicked problems, cannot be adequately addressed within the confines of a single discipline. The 25 minutes long documentary ‘1+1=3’ delves into the realm of unusual collaborations between disciplines within academia. Through this film, we shed light on the intricate web of challenges and opportunities that arise when different disciplines come together, highlighting the importance of embracing diverse perspectives.


Client: The Centre for Unusual Collaborations (CUCo), The alliance: Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht


The process of making this documentary has enabled CUCo to gain insights into the challenges encountered by the projects they support. Primarily, it showed that a deficiency in the right competences hinders their progress.


We believe that dialogue is the catalyst for change. To foster meaningful discussions, the film is being screened at universities and funding institutes across the Netherlands. Through these screenings, we aim to spark conversations about the importance, but also the challenges of interdisciplinary collaborations. Our goal is to inspire policy makers, funding bodies, researchers and students to embark on their own interdisciplinary journeys, creating a ripple effect that leads to innovative solutions.